Material Stainless Steel, Silicone
Color Silver Spatula with Brown handle
Brand N/a
Item Dimensions LxWxH 13.19 x 10.43 x 1.18 inches
Number of Pieces 5

About this item

  • High strength, good toughness, stainless steel material is not easy to rust, corrosion resistance, durable.
  • The overall thickness of the knife body is uniform, and the knife body is delicately designed, which will not touch the cake easily, and the smoothing effect is good.
  • The handle is comfortable to grip, delicate material selection, and the handle conforms to the ergonomic design, so it will not be tired for a long time.
  • The spatula has a variety of shapes, sizes, and uses to meet your multiple needs.
  • Uses: cake demolding, cake creaming, cream toning, fondant lace , etc.


Customer ratings by feature

Easy to use
5.0  5.0
Easy to hold
4.6  4.6
Easy to clean
4.5  4.5
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